TAMS Specialise in:

  • The Provision and Maintenance of Traffic Counters and Associated Equipment
  • Collection of Traffic Data
  • Remote Access Data Procurement via Modems
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Establishment and Commissioning of Traffic Stations
  • Maintenance of Existing Traffic Counter Sites
  • Monitoring of Data Quality and Site Equipment via the Internet
  • Provision of Traffic Tube, Counters and Data Solutions for Customer Needs.
  • The Development and Testing of New Technology.
  • Staff have Workzone Traffic Management Accreditation.
  • Video Surveys – TAMS can Tailor a Solution for Any Large Survey.
  • Traffic Surveys
  • Visual Surveys - Manual Data Collection at Intersections, Carparks and Pedestrian and Bicycle Movements.
  • Automatic Licensed Plate Recognition Surveys (ALPR)
  • Travel Time and Queuing Surveys
  • Specialised Surveys – Client Specific Requests. For example Boat Ramp Usage, Survey of Taxi Ranks at Airports, Speed Surveys and Mine/Construction Site Specific Surveys

Benefits to Your Enterprise

The Provision and Maintenance of Traffic data Collection Equipment.

All our Traffic counters are state of the art Metrocount loggers.

Collection, Verification, Validation and Processing of Raw Traffic data.

Remote Access data collection using modems for monitoring and Periodic Download of Traffic data.

Territory Asset Management Services have offices located in Darwin and Alice Springs with a fleet of fully equipped 4WD vehicles.


Specialised client surveys can be discussed in order to meet the client’s requirements.

Some specialised surveys that can be performed are

  • GPS Based Travel Time Surveys
  • Queue Length Surveys
  • Origin Destination Surveys see ALPR
  • Path Trace Travel Time Surveys
  • Saturation flow Surveys
  • Vehicle Occupancy Surveys
  • Boat ramp usage
  • ALPR - Our sub-contractor has vast experience with gathering vehicular traffic data using state of the art technology such as Automatic Licensed Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras to capture number plates for Origin Destination Surveys. The data collected has a predefined accuracy indicator, is transparent and has a high reliability factor, resulting in the ability to make informed decisions.
Territory Asset Management Services